750 Reports of The State Hermitage Museum LXXIV

Государственный Эрмитаж, 2017
200 стр.
мягкий переплет
цветные иллюстрации
15,4 х 21 см
ISBN 978-5-93572-699-7
0,7 кг
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Reports of the State Hermitage Museum is an annual edition presenting the results of the museum's recent research, restoration, preservation and exhibition activities. The articles are primarily concerned with the Hermitage collections and individual works of art. Their authors introduce art pieces unknown to the wide public, as well as specify and make more accurate attributions, datings and interpretations of the already published works on the basis of the latest scientific and scholastic achievemtns. Other sections of the book deal with most important recent acquisitions of the museum, ots newly-opened and replanned permanent exhibitions and new studies on the Hermitage's history.
The edition is published in Russian and English.
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