5 000 "Afganistan" Steve McCurry

Taschen, 2017
256 стр.
твердый переплет
цветные иллюстрации
27 х 38 см
ISBN 978-3-8365-6936-1
3,2 кг
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McCurry has always been subjected to dangers that are an inevitable part of life “on the road” for photographers. He often ventured behind the lines, usually at great risk. His first trip to Afghanistan in 1979 involved him dressing in Afghan garb in order to be smuggled across the border from Pakistan. That journey into the treacherous, unpredictable landscape ― territory controlled at various times by the Mujahideen, the Russians, and the Taliban ― was one that McCurry would make numerous times. Many other photographers would follow in his footsteps, but none would return with such a flawless body of work.

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